Pigs In The Mud Cake



via Taartjes and facebook:

You will need:
– A biscuit/cake of 20 cm (self-baking cake and some stores sell them plain)
– 2 x large bar of milk chocolate 200 gram
– 1 Cup (250 ml) whipped cream
– Filling for the cake of your choice ( a layer of jam / tart fruit and a layer of pastry cream, whipped cream or butter cream.
– 3 x a five-pack KitKat
– 1 packet (250 gram) light pink marzipan
– Cake saw or large knife
– Skewer (for the pig eyes)
– Ribbon
– Flat board or plank to the cake to set

In advance you already prepare the pigs, there’s no real method … just a bit like sculpting in elementary school once ;)

Pour the cream into a saucepan and place over low heat.
Continue stirring until almost boiling.
Meanwhile, the bar of chocolate into cubes break.
If the cream almost boiling turn off the heat and stir in chocolate the cubes
Stir until you have a smooth mixture.
Let this cool and thicken and occasionally stirring (takes a while).

In the meantime you take your already baked biscuit and cut it in 2 layers and fill with your filling of choice.
Keep your cake on a breadboard or other surface so you can easily rotate because smear the sides, is a nice mess :)
Break the kitkats already in 2 and and put them ready.
Look how thick the chocolate mixture is, when he is about as thick as custard you can smear the sides of the biscuits/cake
Use a spatula or just the back side of a knife.

If you have the whole cake smeared around you can stick the kitkats.
This is a difficult job, the kitkats sometime will not stick and fall occasionally.
Put them a little slanted so they lean against your cake.
If they were all sitting around you quickly doa ribbon around it and put them all pretty straight.

The rest of the chocolate mixture, you just pour this on top of the cake.
Please note, when it is too thin it goes through the kitkats wall!!!!

Then you put the pigs in the still soft chocolate and put in the fridge.

After an hour
you can put cake on a beautiful plate and serve, enjoy!
it’s Dutch from the FB side Taartjes i translated it for you and shared it

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